Bienvenue dans mon monde.

Where have you been Morgan? Find the purple rose.

 The Colony Series is Expanding!


Will you like stories by Morgan? 

     A reasonable question. Reading the dust jacket or back cover, even looking at the picture of the author, is rarely enough input to allow the reader to know if a new author is going to please them. So, as a reader you must take a risk. 

     Here are a few parameters to assist you in your decision to risk or not to risk with Morgan.  If you like: 

  • moving stories that keep you turning pages,
  • strong female leads who may begin weak--yet overcome the weakness,
  • bouts of emotion,
  • excitement,
  • complex plots, and
  • steamed up glasses

then you should give her a try. Flat out, if you don't like material that is different--if you are stuck on formula fiction--don't read Morgan Summerfield.

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My First Feature Script


From Novelist to Screenwriter…
Is that even possible?

Stories of Love and Romance Interview







"I travel where the story leads and rarely end up where I thought I was going."






Morgan is a character who creates characters and both she and her characters are out of the ordinary.



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