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Harvest of the Innocents (Novel)

Falling Fallow - Colony Series Book 4 (Novel)

Paladin - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Script

Counterbalance - Drama with a twist of supernatural





Harvest of the Innocent

 A shifting flicker of light teased from the darkness ahead. The small glimmering beacon drew the wisp of a child, no more than five years old, toward its promise. A rustling sound caught the girl’s attention, and she stopped. Her big brown eyes strained to focus in the filtered moonlight that bled down through the trees creating odd patterns and deep shadows, distorting the landscape. A pair of awkwardly positioned child's red, patent leather shoes caught her eye as she scanned the near distance. The shoes vanished into the thick brush.

Without caution, the inquisitive child pursued the shoes anxious to see where they were going and who was attached to them. When she cleared the thicket and stepped to the edge of the clearing, the earth began to give way under her feet, and unseen hands seized her ankles. They held her fast, dragging her downward.

Looking toward the faint elimination ahead, the captured child saw two figures in silhouette one large and one small, hovering close to the unnatural yellow glow of a lantern. The larger figure was digging with a long-handled shovel, and the smaller danced about like a night fairy, waiting for the unearthing of some treasure. Neither silhouette noticed her presence.

Frantically, theoverlycurious innocent tried to break free of the appendages coiled fiercely around her ankles. Despite her efforts, she continued to slide into the earth, and the terrain fell in around her. She struggled for air as pressure came heavy against her chest the ground seemed to swallow her alive. Though sherepeatedlytried to cry out, she could not find her voice.

The repetitive crunch and swish of the distant shovel turning dirt, and the calls of night creatures, who cared nothing for the foolishness of humans, would be her death knell. As hope fell away and the helpless child felt surrender approach, her tiny frame was jerked back out of the ground, and there was a blinding light in her eyes. A Dark Angel gathered her in his arms and flew away with her.

Falling Fallow (Colony Series book 4)

 With long strides, Elaine covered the expanse of roadway between her and Batida. Arrogance forward, she pushed through the door and marched straight to the bar.  She spoke commandingly to the bartender, an older, pudgy man with dark thinning hair and a bushy mustache.  “Dá-me um tiro, algo forte.” She hoped her Portuguese flowed fluent enough to convince them she was native.

The bartender poured her a shot of something clear, and she belted it back, not caring what it was as long as it was alcohol.  Slamming the glass back to the bar, she asked for another. The bartender raised his eyebrows questioningly and asked, “Você tem o dinheiro?”  Elaine slapped the money from her pocket to the bar.  He looked at it, pursed his lips, and poured her another drink.

It wasn’t difficult to feel the men in the bar watching her, roving over her body, imagining its possibilities…and wondering how many drinks it would take to make her compliant.  This made her smile because she knew it as something that would lead to fighting or sex and right now she would settle for either—the more intense and violent the better.

As she was about to raise the fourth shot to her lips, a hand reached around her latching on to her wrist, keeping the glass from her mouth.  The other hand of her assailant came around the opposite side of her and wrested the glass from her hand, putting it back on the bar.  With a snort, she turned to the unknown man ready to fight him and was surprised to see Temen, his face parental as he whispered, “Come with me.”

“I think not,” Elaine shouted and turned back to the bar. When she tried to pick up the glass, Temen wrapped his arms around her, dragging her away from the bar.  She fought him and broke free.  Other men in the room were on their feet, and Temen put them off with words of caution.  “Espera, é minhaesposa.  Nós tivemos um argumento.Teveuma têmpera como você pode ver. Eu estoutomandoseurepouso a nossasseis crianças. Não interfira!”  Temen’s story of a domestic dispute and the fact that she was the mother of his six children put the men back in their chairs. They needed little convincing that she had a temper, as he suggested, for she displayed it vividly.

Paladin (Fantasy Sci-Fi)


Minx and Chevy seated in booth across from each other, waiting for burgers. Chevy notices ring on Minx's finger, takes her hand for closer look.

That's a beautiful ring. Looks antique. You've never worn it before.

I rarely wear it for fear of losing it. It was my mothers. (beat) All I have left of her.

Chevy pulls her hand to his lips, kisses her fingers.

Didn't mean to make you sad.

It's okay. It was a while ago.

Burgers arrive. Minx eyes Chevy's plate, blood seeping from meat. She makes a face.

How did you get them to agree to cook it that rare? I thought it was some law or something that it can't be rare or in your case, still mooing, because of e-Coli or Mad Cow or whatever.

Does it bother you?

(with smile)
No. I'll just pretend its catsup and try not to imagine you're really a vampire.


Counterbalance (Drama with a twist of supernatural)


Chief heads for elevator, Dr. Bennett pauses at doorway, looks toward Elliot, lifts posture, strides toward him. Elliot sees her coming, closes folders, leans back.

(to himself)
(to Dr. Bennett)
Dr. Bennett, Al has been telling me your theory.

Dr. Bennett examines Elliot with doctor’s eye.

We can discuss it if you like. My office, tomorrow morning, ten a.m.

Sorry, I have a witness interview tomorrow morning.

Dr. Bennett looks left and right to ensure no prying ears, leans forward, lowers voice.

Look, your friends tout your condescending attitude toward women. It’s a brag they love to share. Given your attitudes, I understand if you don’t want to talk to me. If you prefer, I’ll have a male colleague come in.

Nah. It’s not that. Like I said, I have a witness statement to take.

Give it to someone else. This isn’t optional. You show or the Chief says your suspended. Ten a.m. My office. Get some sleep.

Dr. Bennett swiftly turns and walks away.

(under his breath)

Dr. Bennett exits to elevator. Elliot watches, tucks folder away, exits to stairs.


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