Most people like music, but not everyone likes the same music. What is it about music that inspires, motivates, calms, sooths, or agitates? The human body, the brain, and the mind are reactive to input, any input, and the vibration--whatever the frequency--of music causes a reaction. You can test this for yourself by playing two very different types of music and paying attention to your heart rate or taking your blood pressure. There is a physical change. (Interesting links on the subject.)

My musical tastes are eclectic; I listen to all sorts of music. I do this to ensure that my brain does not get 'locked in' to a specific set of tones and to ensure I stay receptive to other forms of input. I believe it is possible to get into a musical 'rut' just as with anything else. When we remain set in a specific pattern of behavior, we may become rigid and dismissive of anything that falls on the outside of our 'rut.' Though it may be within reach and something harboring potential benefit, we may simply ignore it because it isn't 'usual.' But that's my opinion and worth as much as anyone decides.

If you have checked out, you may have noticed there is a playlist link. The list contains 54 of the musical inspirations leveraged in the creation of Blood and Magnolias. If you listen to the music on that list, you will find themes that cross musical types. We all have feelings, yet we express them in different ways. The creation of music comes from the soul of the creator and reflects them, their mood, the moment, and the times. Take a chance. Next time you get in your car, set your radio to scan and stop it when you hear something interesting. Have a listen. If you don't like it, you can always go back to your presets.

Following is some of the music I am currently listening to and pieces from my media player for running or sidewalk fusing (links below are to, some may have ads), in no particular order:


C'est la Vie - Mario Pelchat

Moonlight Sonata - Cafe del Mar in the playlist for Among Us

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Michael McDonald added to my run list

Trouble Maker - Olly Murs add to my run list

Kiddio - Brook Benton

Pardonne-Moi - Lilpip

And Then So Clear - Brian Eno

The Ocean - Oxygen

Through Tainted Glass - Philippe Saisse

Timeless Passion - Phil Thornton

Lovers in the Back Seat - Scissor Sisters

Extraordinary Way - Conjure One

Wrong - Depeche Mode

Worlds Collide - 12 Stones

Skyfall - Adele

50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train

One More Night - Maroon 5

Feels Good at First - Train

Somebody that I used to Know - Gotye

Bright Idea - Mother Mother

Enigma Variations - Edward Elgar's

Waka Waka - Shakira

Twisted Cupid - Slow Train

Principles of Lust - Enigma (Enigma's music is foundation to my next book in production, Among Us. This book is the first of a four part series.)

Holding Back the Years - Simply Red (One of the inspiration pieces that will be part of the Harvest of the Innocents playlist.)

Linger - Cranberries

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Angelique - Paul Oldfield

You Spin Me Right Round - Dead or Alive (Vid is a hoot!)

Sentinal - VNV Nation

Serpentskirt - Cocteau Twins (don't worry about the words, its the sound that counts)

Crystalline Green - Goldfrapp

Black Horse and The Cherry Tree -KT Tunstall

Southern Romance - Olivier Pryszlak

Delerium Silence - Paul Oakenfold (when I need to be manic)

Silence - Delerium (when I need to chill)

Sleepwalk - Santo and Johnny (there are over 20 renditions of this song, this is the 1959 version)

TNT for The Brain (Midnight Man Remix) - Enigma

Tumbleweed - Bill Miller (native flute first, then he hits the guitar and 'purrs' out the words)

Desire (instrumental)
A Lover's Madness (instrumental)
The Lover's Passion (instrumental)

Logic Song - Super Tramp (As I was looking for this song on youtube, I ran across this vid of Super Tramp's Take the Long Way Home--simple, yet nicely done and actually very compelling. The movements of the characters are so in sync with the music, it is as if it was written for them. Yes, I get distracted some times. "Hey, what's down that alley?")

The Dinosaurs Song (for the one asleep in my lap, he likes to hear it over, and over, and get the picture. Update: He is killing me with the one and now the 1,000 steps--which is actually very inspiring. He knows all the words to both, growls with the dinosaurs and cheers every time the bird reaches the top of the steps!)

Deepak Choopra, A Gift Of Love - The Love Poems Of Rumi

Native American Music/ Ly-o-lay-ale-loya

Lie To Me - Jonny Lang (I don't think I will ever get tired of this one.)

You Are the Rain - Bill Miller

Lady Fingers - Herb Alpert (sounds like kittens in places, there is also a new remix of the original album that I found by accident)

Crazy - Cee Lo Green  (If I had a theme song, this might be it.)

My previous music


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If you are a fan of relaxed Jazz, I'd like to recommend that you check out Urban Knights. In particular their track Deep Blue. Could not find Deep Blue on YouTube, but here are two substitutes: Wanna Be With You and Sweet Home Chicago.

If you like tense, forceful, dark, and potent, check out VNV Nation, described as somewhere between Euro-Trance and Darkwave they have a distinct sound--industrial. Their music is a component of the creation of the Colony Series, book one in the series is titled Among Us . Here is a taste of VNV: From My Hands and Beloved




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