Quick Peek or Morgan in Brief


Birthplace:  Vermont, USA.

Current Residence: South of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Likes: Music (Enigma, Delerium, Adele, Lady Gaga, VNV Nation, Goldfrapp, Vangelis, Maroon 5 to name a few see MyMusic for more), reading, WRITING, art, dancing, swimming, camping, hiking, the woods, sidewalk fusion, spaghetti, Oreos and milk, cloud watching, going down the slide at the playground, wearing dark glasses, jeans, big T-shirts, going barefoot and unsweetened iced tea.

Dislikes: Heavy opera, people who take themselves too seriously, people who use Facebook and the like to be mean, being bored, having writer’s block, marshmallows, anchovies, too many rainy days in a row, uptight clothes, noisy neighbors, telephone solicitations, SPAM, being told I can't.

Favorite Getaway: Some place green, secluded and quiet, mountain cabin, tent in the woods, hut on a tropical island…no phone please.

Favorite Possession: None. Possessions are just things. I put more stock in relationships. If I have a few good relationships, I can lose all my possessions and still be okay.

Person Most Influential: My mother, an imperfect person, living in an imperfect world, dreaming of perfection, while dealing with some of the worst kinds of human imperfection. She made me strong.

Person Most Admired: My admiration goes to anyone who refuses to be anything but what they are and to hell with what other people think. Uniformity is a means of control, not a necessity of life.

People I'd Like to Meet: (in no particular order in this world or the next) Susan Sarandon, Anthony Hopkins, Cher, Jane Fonda, Dame Judi Dench, Kevin Spacey, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Jodie Foster, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Miller, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff Goldblum, Betty White, Jane Curtin, Billy Crystal, Tim Curry, Bette Midler, Gloria Steinem, Elton John, Tess Gerritsen.

Aspiration: To evoke emotion in my readers. Love it, hate it. At least you felt something.

TV: When I have time to watch, these are some of my entertainment choices: Discovery Channel, NATGEO, Major Crimes, Rosewood, Dark Matter, Killjoys,  Face Off, Luther, Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, House of Cards and anything Sherlock Holmesish with a not too obvious plot.

Psst!  She likes purple.

Morgan in Brief


Morgan Summerfield was born in rural Vermont, USA, to a farming family of small means. She has lived in many states up and down the Eastern seaboard--and a few in the Midwest, including Minnesota. Burrr! This may be why it is so hard to pin down her accent.

When we first met, I found Morgan very strange. I could not fathom her writing process because it seemed so random and chaotic. Yet, after I came to know her better, it made total sense. She is a woman possessed by her passions. While she has written many dry technical documents and articles, she is infatuated with fiction and happiest when immersed in it.

Following a diverse path, Morgan has worked in many fields and functions including teacher, designer, dog trainer, technical writer, and bartender. She knows which end of the hammer to use, can lay tile, pour and finish concrete, frame walls, and hang drywall. She hosted a cable television program, has managed a number of different businesses, and has written for radio. 

I said she was possessed by her passions and that was meant to be plural. Morgan is also an artist and when she isn't writing she is covered in paint spatter. She really puts herself into her work. I saw her spend two insane weeks painting almost non-stop. She produced forty paintings of varying sizes and content. There is no halfway with her. When inspiration strikes all else flies out the window. This goes for everything she does. If you ask her for three, she'll give you six and put a bow on one. She will work until the well runs dry then fall into profound sleep. She reminds me of that little pink bunny in the battery commercials when she is creating. I’m not a psychiatrist, but she might be a functional manic depressive. I'd advise against letting her on your roof. 

This woman has experienced and survived extremes of adversity more than once in her life, including three brushes with death. A quote from her on the subject that is indicative of her life view: "We can let an event define us or we can define the event. We are all the sum of our experiences good and bad. What we take from and let go of from those experiences shape us. Looking death in the face gives one a totally new perspective on life.  Facing it more than once only solidifies that perspective. There are a few important things then there is everything else."

While Morgan is very friendly and easy to engage in conversation, it is hard to get her to talk about herself. She comes off as a bit of a mystery during a conversation, not overly free with details, but that makes a conversation with her interesting. Your own imagination gets fired up as it speculates over what she’s not saying. You learn more by watching her move through life and being around her than you can by asking questions.  Watch her eyes.  If you see light dancing in them, there is more she's not telling. 

Morgan is a self professed introvert by nature and extrovert by necessity. Stick her in a closet with pen and paper and she is a happy little mushroom creating away. Yank her from the dark, dust her off, push her out in front of people, and she blooms so brightly you may need your sunglasses. Some people say she is a contradiction and anything but normal. Those of us who know her choose to believe she is simply a force of nature that will not be denied.

I asked someone who knew her in her teens to describe her and this is what they said: "Think of someone who can maintain a 3.5 grade point average by doing all her work in the fifteen minutes before school starts each day. Give her long dark hair, bedroom eyes, a short black skirt and the reddest lipstick possible then put her in the front row of French class so she can drive the teacher crazy.  She’ll challenge the teacher but get an ‘A’ despite herself...and no one in the class will forget her."  Based on this description, I would say she hasn't changed much.

"Dirty is good."

"That's a yes, right?"

"Never a traditionalist."



I have never  enjoyed drama in my life. I love it on the screen or in a good book, but in real life...I can do without it. So, with that said, sordid details (injury, illness, death) will not be offered regarding my absence from life, rather the little story below, Into the Black...and Back. Those who know me on a personal level may ask questions, but may not necessarily get answers. You know I love a mystery. What is important, at least to me, is that I may once more express my gift of story telling and evoke a reaction in my readers. With my new screenwriting skills, I may even push my stories to the big screen. Now, that is an experience I will talk about.

More about my screenwriting adventure here.


     There was once this high creative with a seemingly endless well of inspiration that she shared with others. Life often tried to drain the well, cap it, or dry it up, but the well persisted because the high creative regularly filled it with light. The blithe little creature filled with hope would always recover, shake off the inspiration-killing whatever, and continue traveling down the road of her desires.


     Then, one day the sky grew dark, and dawn didn’t come. A new inspiration killer entered her realm, one not so easily conquered—not that the others had been easy, but this one seemed to be constructed of a far more dense and oppressive material. It clung to the creature weighing her down and eroding her spirit. Eventually, the darkness seeped into the well of inspiration, turning it murky and sucking the creative soul right out of it. The once creature of light was extinguished and in its place hovered an ashen, nondescript zombie who could do little more than go through the motions of life.


     One might think this was the end, the evils of the world had claimed yet another victim. However, as in all good stories, there was a ray of hope. Deep down at the very bottom of the well of inspiration lay a glimmer. That glimmer grew enough to be noticed by the high creative. At first, it was simply considered an irritation and ignored, but it was a persistent little glimmer. Day in and day out the glimmer attempted to spark the high creative into action. The glimmer knew that all it would take to start a chain reaction was a glimpse of color, a simple flash of blue, red, or green, anything but gray.


     That day came. The impetus? Fate, chance, divine plan, chaos theory, accident, or alignment of the stars. The name of the force matters far less than what the force achieved. The high creative was on edge from the glimmer’s constant nagging. In a moment of vexation, blind faith, or subconscious desire, the high creative surrendered to the glimmer and took a leap into something that her inspiration killer warned would be her doom. By this time doom was looking good.


     As it turns out, it spelled doom for the inspiration killer instead. Slowly, the high creative has been peeling away the dark, oppressive gunk fouling her well of inspiration. There is still some filtering and decontamination to be performed, but the high creative is back. It may take a few months for her to fully recover, so be gentle with her. Then you can make fun of her all you like. :-)
     And the moral of the story is…well, as Jason Nesmith said in GALAXY QUEST, “Never give up. Never surrender.” Find the patch of blue.


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